Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

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Sensorimotor psychotherapy

What is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) draws upon the natural wisdom of the body and its inherent drive to heal, adapt and develop new capacities.

How does SP work?

The effects of trauma, neglect and abusive and emotionally painful relationship with parents are held in our nervous system, posture, and movement habits, as well in unresolved painful emotions and limiting beliefs. To change these patterns clients learn to mindfully follow the natural intelligent processes of body and mind. New information that often remains unnoticed in conventional therapies is reveals by paying attention to both aspects - body and mind. This can accelerate healing and lead to more lasting change. 

What can I expect in a session?

SP is talking therapy and takes place in a counseling setting, online, or in person. I will help you become aware of the way that your body holds the problems you have come to therapy to resolve. As the client, you are in control of what to explore. You may choose to work with strong emotions (that have been suppressed or are overwhelming), limiting belief (such as "I will never be good enough"), trauma symptoms (like panic or nightmares), or physical symptoms (like racing heartbeat or physical pain). I will guide you to become mindfully aware of your posture, movement, and physical sensations so you can utilize your body's intelligence to help you resolve issues and meet your goals. 



When we are alone with too much, we are traumatized.



When we are together with just enough, we heal. ”

Buster Rådvik, MA





who is it for?

Adults and adolescents who suffer from unresolved trauma relationship problems, or who want to improve the quality of life, can all benefit from SP.

Does SP have any limitations?

SP may be adjusted for use with clients whose ability to be mindfully aware is limited in some way. SP is adaptable to individual needs, and can be modified based on a person's strengths, difficulties, capacities and goals. 


does sp work?

Therapists and clients alike report that a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach leads to increased connection with the body and a new way of being in the world and engaging with others 

Preliminary evidence from research suggests improvement in work functioning, social functioning, overall health, body awareness, receptivity to soothing, and reduction in interpersonal problems, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, dissociation and depression. 


I can honestly say that every session I had with Buster was a breakthrough session. I cannot recommend working with him highly enough.
— Jon Darrall-Rew

when you are comfortable in your own skin, you feel free to be yourself. 

Buster Rådvik, MA



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Satisfied Customers

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"A space of deep openness, keen awareness and heart centered understanding is where Buster entered our session together. The time he and I spent working together was profoundly moving. I immediately felt a sense of trust which allowed me to drop in very ease-fully and his insights and intuition were spot on. Working with Buster helped me to bring some of my shadow to light and gain a deeper understanding as to why I have certain patterns, beliefs and behaviors. The space he held for me was simultaneously enormous and seemingly effortless, and he could meet me exactly where I was at. His presence helped to reconfigure something deep inside myself, to let go of things I was holding onto and to re-wire my mind so as to begin to old heal wounds that I wasn’t even consciously aware were affecting my life. For that I am extremely grateful. I very much look forward to working more with Buster in the future, and say to anyone who is feeling called in his direction - go there. You will be glad you did."

Rachel Kadison, Tantrika, Musician, Bodyworker. 




I started working with Buster in the autumn of 2016 when I decided to really face certain patterns of trauma in intimate relationship that had been present for me for a long time. After 15 years of therapy previously, I can honestly say that Buster is by far one of the best therapists I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I found him to be deeply attuned to me as a client, extremely skilled in meeting me in whatever state I was in and responding to me in a way where I felt understood, seen, and appreciated on a core level. I felt his humanity, love and compassion shine through our work together continuously, during which he supported me to enter and reveal some of the most tender and vulnerable spaces of my being, which were then welcomed with safety, love, presence and wisdom in a way that was transformational for me. In the course of our work together he supported me to reconnect with and integrate some of my most challenging patterns in relationship, learn to care for and provide safety for myself in those areas, take some major steps in healing them, and significantly evolve the maturity with which I can be in relationship. I can honestly say that every session I had with Buster was a breakthrough session. I cannot recommend working with him highly enough.