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We’ve all been there

We’ve all been there at some point. That moment in life when we collapse into the feeling of  “I’m not good enough, I am broken, I am not worthy of love.” When we said to ourselves “I’m longing for something deeper, better and different. Yet all my attempts lead me back to where I feel disempowered, discouraged, hopeless and depressed..” When we felt so hurt and ashamed that we pulled the cover over our head, to disappear for a while. When we felt so overwhelmed, resentful and frustrated that the only solution felt like acting out in our addictions, repeat our self-destructive and unhealthy behaviours. When we find our self in a dead end. Alone and desperate.

I’m far from being perfect.

Really, I’m just as messed up as you might think you are. There have been many moments in my life when I asked myself if I wanted to live or die? When I felt totally alone and unable to deal with the chaos inside. When nothing seemed to be working in the way I wanted it to. When all I had was my addictions, my lies, my shame and loneliness. Since the pain broke me open to the only option of seeking help, I have increasingly learned how to transform my breakdowns into breakthroughs, I have understood that the pain that I was running away from can be transformed into the very food that truly nourishes me and build a solid foundation for the life that I am here to live. Somewhere deep inside I think we all know what we are meant to do and who we are meant to be in this life. This is nothing we figure out or develop alone. I could never have made my journey to where I am now without continual support and guidance. Alone we are screwed. Together we can do it!

You, who have realised it is time to ask for help; that you can’t do it alone any longer. It’s time!

I’m here.

Are you?

Is this a fit for me?

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When we are alone with too much, we are traumatized.



When we are together with just enough, we heal. ”

Buster Rådvik, MA


What is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy blends theory and technique from cognitive and dynamic therapy with straightforward somatic awareness and movement interventions... that promote empowerment and competency.

Dr. Daniel Siegel - Executive Director, Mindsight Institute
Only one therapy I know of reaches as deeply into the body as it does into the mind, and by reaching for both, touches the soul .

Ron Kurtz - Founder of Hakomi

But really: what is SP?

For me SP serves love, aliveness and connection, in a way that allows us to be who we are from deep inside and live the life we always knew was possible.

SP address relational traumas and attachment patterns that show up as disruptive, unconscious behaviors and long term painful beliefs.

I value a SP session as an authentic intimacy laboratory, a learning environment in which we collaborate and experiment within mindfulness in order promote integration of dissociated parts and defense mechanisms and establish new relational skills and capacities.  

I can honestly say that every session I had with Buster was a breakthrough session. I cannot recommend working with him highly enough.
— Jon Darrall-Rew

A session abides in the wisdom of the body, in its innate drive to heal, from where new possibilities of growth are rooted. It takes place within the relational presence of here and now as it welcomes the awareness of how the past filters through. Together we find new creative ways to be with what you have not been able to face alone. Negative believes are transformed and new capacities are embodied. You will go from the experience of “I’m not enough” to “I have space and capacity to welcome all of me.” In this new space within you you can choose to live the life you know was meant to be.  

In a session we can together assist and guide your entire nervous system, behavioral patterns and limiting core beliefs to rewire according the present moment reality where we are together with just enough to integrate into a more complete experience of yourself as alive and connected.

You will now experience that you are the co-creator of the life you’ve always dreamt of, you knew was possible and meant to happen through you. sacred space of relational healing where we will explore the depth of your being, free of fear and shame. And with this experience you will not just have hope for a better life closer to your dreams, you will know it is possible to recreate.

This will make you not just happier and more courageous, it will make you into a catalyst of change for everybody around you. It will spread in every dimension in your life. Work. Family. Friends. Spirituality. Community. It’s the beginning that has no end. Done trying to do it all alone trusting in the intimacy that heals. Life is now happening for you. You are an empowered co-creator of the dream that is dying to live through you.



when you are comfortable in your own skin, you feel free to be yourself. 

Buster Rådvik, MA


How does SP work?

  • Our nervous system, our posture and our movement habits record the effects of trauma. Abusive, emotionally painful relationships and limiting beliefs get stuck and stored in here.

  • Everytime we feel that those negative emotions are about to occur again, our body alerts us and blocks us.

  • The fear of experience that pain again starts to control us.

  • This could result in keeping us stuck in patterns, in longing for intimacy and also avoiding intimacy.

  • With SP we actually honor the fear and we explore how the fear is held in different parts of our body. We understand how the fear lives in us.

  • Then, we will experiment, while allowing mindfulness and presence to hold our coping mechanisms.

  • By going back to that pain together and with mindfulness, the pain becomes transformational: there is a relief after the grief.

  • We begin to see new possibilities and to embody what changed because we have started to link fear and pain not only in the head or just with emotions and the body. Together, we will explore the instincts within the emotions within the muscular tensions happening during the full intensity of those traumatic moments.

And: does it actually work?

SP is about understanding and unlocking the the innate intelligence and abundant resources of our body, and learn how to take action from and with it in mind.

So if you ask me when it does NOT work, I’d tell you this: it does NOT work if ALL you want is to talk about what happened and what is happening to you as as a way to gain more insight and understanding into your problems. Insight alone has never been enough in order to transform behaviors that threaten what we love and want the most.

As soon as we are triggered the intelectual knowing goes out the window and we fall back on reactive emotions and defensive instinctual actions. We have to go deeper into the programming that was shaped and formed in a time and space long ago. Although its natural to seek guidance and advice from professionals in order to find solutions to challenging solutions, SP is not about offering another “top down” resource (intellectual).

SP help you to increase your connection with our body and to develop a new way of being in the world and in relating with others.
Buster Rådvik, MA

For an increase in your capacity to handle what you are going through and want to create we have to access “bottom up” resources (body) in order to bring the the triggered nervous system into the relatively more safe and secure reality of the present moment, however tempting our stores might be. In SP we do not fix anything, we integrate, heal for real. IN order to unlock the full power of the SP we need to increase our ability to sense and feel. You are not alone in trying to figure it out, to trying to engineer another brilliant solution to how you, others and the world needs to be different in order for happiness and peace to appear. We are brought up in a culture that claims that “I think therefore I am”, which is misleading. A more true statement would be “I sense therefore I am”. SP heals the cartesian split between the mind and your body. It helps you to integrate all of you in one cohesive whole, where peace, joy and love is a facts and not just feelings that come by.  

Is SP for you?

  • Do you want to get to the root of your depression, anxiety and stress?

  • Do you feel de-centered, confused and stuck in between contradictory voices inside of your head?Are you longing  to feel more at ease in the areas of your life that really matter to you?

  • Do you want to explore the intelligence of your body in order to deepen your experience of intimacy?

  • Do you want to experience more trust in yourself and depth, relaxation and joy in your relationships? Do find relief in your spirituality but struggle to find your true voice in social and relational contexts?

  • Do you lose your center too often with others, difficulty saying no, knowing what you want?

  • Do you make yourself invisible in order not upset others, in fear of being judged, abandoned and rejected yet resent others for not seeing you and giving you what you need?

Are you ready to finally step through shame and isolation, to connect and transform what you have been running away from for ages, ready to be you, as you are, in the beautiful mix of contradictions, perfectly imperfect, yet lovable, welcomed and beautiful?


About Buster

Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve and has a reputation for pleasantly shocking an entire room with his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look.

Buster’s work is focused on helping his clients to feel more alive and connected in every sense, to address the root cause of mental health and behavioral problems, and transform the overwhelming effects of relational and developmental trauma into empowering relational growth and healing.

Buster is the co-founder of Embodied Intimacy, founder of Embodied Intimacy Training and a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in private practice since 2008, specializing in individual, couple and group therapy for trauma and attachment related issues around intimacy, sex and relationship. He is a professional member of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and works as a Primary Therapist at the Khiron House, a residential trauma clinic in Oxfordshire, England.

Fee for service

20 minute FREE online consultation

50 minutes online SP, 150 USD

75 minutes online SP, 225 USD



Satisfied Customers

rachel kadison.jpg

"A space of deep openness, keen awareness and heart centered understanding is where Buster entered our session together. The time he and I spent working together was profoundly moving. I immediately felt a sense of trust which allowed me to drop in very ease-fully and his insights and intuition were spot on. Working with Buster helped me to bring some of my shadow to light and gain a deeper understanding as to why I have certain patterns, beliefs and behaviors. The space he held for me was simultaneously enormous and seemingly effortless, and he could meet me exactly where I was at. His presence helped to reconfigure something deep inside myself, to let go of things I was holding onto and to re-wire my mind so as to begin to old heal wounds that I wasn’t even consciously aware were affecting my life. For that I am extremely grateful. I very much look forward to working more with Buster in the future, and say to anyone who is feeling called in his direction - go there. You will be glad you did."

Rachel Kadison, Tantrika, Musician, Bodyworker. 


"I started working with Buster in the autumn of 2016 when I decided to really face certain patterns of trauma in intimate relationship that had been present for me for a long time. After 15 years of therapy previously, I can honestly say that Buster is by far one of the best therapists I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I found him to be deeply attuned to me as a client, extremely skilled in meeting me in whatever state I was in and responding to me in a way where I felt understood, seen, and appreciated on a core level. I felt his humanity, love and compassion shine through our work together continuously, during which he supported me to enter and reveal some of the most tender and vulnerable spaces of my being, which were then welcomed with safety, love, presence and wisdom in a way that was transformational for me. In the course of our work together he supported me to reconnect with and integrate some of my most challenging patterns in relationship, learn to care for and provide safety for myself in those areas, take some major steps in healing them, and significantly evolve the maturity with which I can be in relationship. I can honestly say that every session I had with Buster was a breakthrough session. I cannot recommend working with him highly enough."

Jon Darrall-Rew